Soul Signatures

Energy moves in waves. Waves move in patterns. Patterns move in rhythms. A human is just that-energy, waves, patterns, rhythms.” Gabrielle Roth

Soul Signatures are energy patterns of color, movement and light representing who you truly are. These paintings are created as I intuitively connect with you in real time.

Soul Painting

 Your soul has distinct patterns that can be compared to that of your fingerprints or a signature. Soul Signatures are vibrational artwork that gives you awareness on a subconscious level for guidance into your souls purpose, longing and creativity.

What are the benefits of experiencing a Soul Signature Painting? The experience opens one’s heart to their unique genius with Catherine’s guidance. When you can listen to the whisper in your heart you will be connected with your soul essence. The experience can bring one to a deeper alignment honoring their growth and well-being while validating their true self.

Can your Soul Signature change? Yes as you grow and develop into your essence, your signature can change. It is suggested that you re-experience a Soul Signature again when you feel a calling from within.


Professional Artist, AIWP Ordained Minister, Enwaken Coach, Usui and Shamballa Reiki Master, Expressive Arts Coach, Transpersonal Coach, Soul Recognition Facilitator, Energy Healer, Sacred Space Facilitator, Visionary Energy Healer

Catherine Foster

9689 7th Ave. NE #351Poulsbo, WA 98370

360-598-4540  Healing artwork of Catherine Foster and Gallery artwork.

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